Positive-Propaganda e.V.

Become a supporting member…
In order to keep the “project” independent, the founding members of Positive-Propaganda e.V. were unanimous in their decision to clearly rule out financial sponsoring by multinational corporations.
The association has made it its aim to obtain funding for the long-term realisation of projects exclusively from cooperations with mostly regional sponsors, media partners, as well as culture funds and private donations.
As a supporting member you will be making a special contribution to supporting this goal, both from a financial and non-material perspective. Your annual donation will fund the creation of artworks in public spaces, as well as publications or exhibition projects.
With your supporting membership in the Positive-Propaganda e.V. Munich art association you will support and enable us to act autonomously and to transform the city into an urban gallery.
You will become an active part of an association, which, in addition to its main task – the promotion of current art – offers a platform for dialogue for people from different social spheres on current social and political subjects.
You will thereby also be contributing to making art an integral part of public life and accessible to everyone who is interested in it.
Supporting membership from € 75,-
Premium membership from €  250,-*
The idealist membership from € 750,-*
Your membership contribution is tax-deductible!
- You will be invited to all of the art association’s exhibitions and events (lectures, film showings, artist talks, etc.)
- You will receive the art association’s catalogues and publications at discounted prices.*
Perhaps you would like to support the art association’s goals by making a donation without becoming a member?
If so, use our Paypal donation button or download our bank transfer slip here →